Initial Landing

Market approach

Primary and secondary market research: market structure, purchase behaviour, data analysis, distribution channel, positioning, pricing, sales & communication

Business opportunities in Spain and Europe: market gaps analysis, potential opportunities radar, competitive landscape, promising sectors, new markets, new business models

Touch the market

Private agendas with key players: connections with relevant companies, institution and government contacts, background information

Face to face meetings: target firms identification, meetings with potential customers and partners, follow-up

Exhibition support: logistic assistance, commercial support, individual agendas, staff support

Contact with Spanish importers, agents and distributors: database screening, key players selection, virtual contacts

Export support

Export plan for the Spanish market: goals definition, commercial strategy, differentiation, pricing & sales strategy, sales forecast, budget estimation

Export management outsourcing in Spain: sales office representation, results report, customer follow-up

Business partner selection and support: joint venture search, value proposition, legal and tax advice


Landing strategy
Joint Venture
Licensing and Franchising
Turn Key contract
Company set-up in Spain
Legal constitution
Location and recruitment
Investment radar for local and international companies
Investment analysis
Investment operations in Spain and Europe

Face to face meetings

18 companies from Argentina, ICT Sector
How many eyes has a typical person?
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Logistic Services Support

Your Barcelona Agenda
We take care of organizing your business and leisure agenda in Barcelona to give you a direct insight into the city’s lifestyle.

Translation & Interpreting services
We offer a full range of language-related services: adaptations, translations and interpreting.

Personal & Relocation Support
We offer all the support you need for your rapid, soft landing and personal understanding of Spanish market.

Case studies

Shanghai - Barcelona
We organized a match-making event on behalf of the Barcelona and Shanghai chambers of commerce for ICT companies to strengthen business bridges between the two cities.

We analysed the profiles of Chinese and Spanish companies, ran a search for the ideal business partners, set up meetings and provided operational support during the event. In total, we organized 80 individual meetings between Chinese and Spanish ICT companies.
Saudi Telecom
We organized two incentive trips to Barcelona for a management team from Saudi Telecom. The aim of the event was to introduce Barcelona to the executives, with a particular emphasis on showing the new technologies developed by Catalan companies, with a parallel programme of leisure and cultural activities in the city.

We organized tours of Barcelona’s 22@ technological district and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and meetings with the CEOs of leading companies including Telefonica, Voztelecom, Colt telecom, NTR, etc.

We also coordinated all the logistics aspects of flights, internal transfers, hotels and simultaneous interpreting.
Alimentaria Exhibition
We supported Peru and Bolivia’s participation in the Alimentaria exhibition (, providing staff to man their stand during the whole event. We also organized individual agendas within the trade fair venue for a group of 12 companies.

We analysed the profiles of participating companies, ran a search for the most appropriate Spanish distributors, set up meetings and provided operational support during the event.
Quito - Barcelona
On behalf of the city of Quito, in Ecuador, we organized a market research and matchmaking event between ICT companies from Barcelona and Quito.

We prepared the institutional agenda for the representatives from Quito, including visits to the key technology centres in Barcelona: 22@ district, the Barcelona Biomedicine Park, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona Activa, etc.

We also coordinated a networking event for Barcelona and Quito companies.

We were responsible for the conception, design, advertising and communication of the event, which involved a total of 60 companies.