Market intelligence

Preparation of market research and statistical reports and coordination of institutional agendas with the leading stakeholders in the country.

Regional Studios

We prepare regional or nationwide surveys depending on the needs of your institution. We analyze the data that could be of interest to your institution in its decision-making processes.
Sector-related Market Research
We conduct market research surveys on the sectors of interest to your organization.

Newsletter on market info
We create newsletters tailored to your institution’s requirements. These contain the latest news and information on the economy, sectors, events, politics and society in Barcelona or Spain in general.

Institutional Agenda
We prepare high-level institutional agendas for your organization: contacts with local, regional and state government representatives, business associations, research centres, technology parks, universities, etc.

Commercial support

We develop ad hoc programmes to achieve the strategic goals of institutions, as well as the commercial objectives of their companies.

Organization of Trade Missions
We organize trade missions with high added value for the companies in your organization. We develop individual agendas for multi-sector or single-sector groups.

Trade Fair Support
We help to organise the participation of your institution and the companies it represents at trade fairs in any location in Spain.

Institutional Representation in Spain
Barcelona Business Landing can act as your representative in Spain, carrying out all the activities your organization needs to achieve maximum visibility in both Barcelona and Spain.


Event management

We conceptualize, design and execute promotional events for institutions.

Regional & Sector Presentations
We design and organize sector, region or country presentations in accordance with your guidelines. We guarantee to secure the optimum audience and the most appropriate promotional activities for your organization.
Seminars and Workshops
We organize and promote seminars and workshops, given by high-level institutional and business speakers, in line with the interests of your institution.

Networking Events
We design and implement all kinds of different networking events in accordance with the interests of your institution.

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Logistic Services Support

Your Barcelona Agenda
We take care of organizing your business and leisure agenda in Barcelona to give you a direct insight into the city’s lifestyle.

Translation & Interpreting services
We offer a full range of language-related services: adaptations, translations and interpreting.

Personal & Relocation Support
We offer all the support you need for your rapid, soft landing and personal understanding of Spanish market.